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How to make and sell online Button Christmas Tree Ornaments
No graphics or photography skills are required.

Making Button Christmas Tree Ornaments requires very little craft skills.

1. Find free original round images you like on Images For Crafts by BestPeople.ca in the section 'Christmas & New Year'. All images are free for download. You will find here hundreds original high quality images. Download the images as separate files on your computer. Do not make a collage sheet by now.

2. Use Digital Photo Templates from the section Button Christmas Tree Digital Templates by BestPeople.ca to make pictures of your ornaments for shop listing. By making digital pictures with help of digital photo templates you will save a lot of time and money because you don’t have to have unnecessary inventory.

3. List your ornament in any online virtual shop (EBay, Etsy, Artfire, Your Personal shop, and so on). Upload your digital pictures you just created by using digital photo templates. All templates fit perfect to most virtual marketplaces including EBay, Etsy, Artfire, and Amazon. You do not have to make the product right now. Wait until your listing is sold. If it's not sold, you have lost nothing!

4. You got an order? Good News! So you have to make a real button Christmas Tree ornament. If you use free round images from ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca website, go to that website and make collage sheet for convenient printing with image(s) you need. Don't forget to select the image size that fits to your button size when you make a collage sheet.
If you use your personal graphics you can make your personal collage sheet with images you choose on Digital Sheets by BestPeople.ca.
Download the sheet. Print.

5. There are the many ways to make button Christmas Tree ornaments. I found for you the perfect tutorial 'When the weather outside is frightful, button ornaments are delightful!' on The Button Blog. You will find here the descriptions of many different ways how to make button ornaments. Have fun!

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Pictures of Button Christmas Tree Ornaments for sell online made by using Digital Photo Templates and Free Images downloaded from ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca


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